Mini Ball of Binkys

$18.90 inc GST

You have a wonderful mind and so does your bird! Keeping it stimulated with colourful and creative toys is one of the best ways to keep your bird happy and healthy. Having a variety of toys around the cage will ensure your bird has the best opportunity to stay active and combat boredom.

This Mini Ball of Binkys is a great little addition to your cages. With a plentiful assortment of coloured binkys of which some are hanging from or attached to the base, you can be sure your bird will not get bored with this toy! Let your bird run wild, from chewing at all the binkys to hanging and playing all over.

The Mini Ball of Binkys features:

  • Colourful assortment of binkys to play with
  • Durable to Chewing, Hanging from and Playing with
  • Prevents Boredom
  • Non-toxic Materials

Suitable for: Smaller sized birds. Lovebird, Cockatiel, Canary and Finches

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