Baffle Cage

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Foraging is very important for the mental health of your parrot – they spend most of their time in the wild foraging for food, so we need to try and replicate this. Getting your bird working to find food and treats will keep their minds sharp and active, prevent problem behaviours and keep them out of trouble!

This safe stainless steel Baffle Cage is virtually indestructible and can provide countless hours of foraging from just one refill. You can fill with anything, from fruits, nuts, paper, cardboard, wood and anything that your bird loves to chew on or eat! Gradually increase the difficulty by hiding the treats by surrounding it with chewable fun!

Cage comes unfilled, check here for our refill product.

Manufacturer Measurements:
Small: H 16cm x W 9cm
Large: H 38cm x W 15cm

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